This is the fifth generation of  pokemon game which continues with its sequel titled Pokémon Black 2  which happens after 2 years later of pokemon Black. There are no new Pokémon but the Unova local Pokédex is expanded to include earlier generations, with a total of 300 Pokémon.

Player starts in Aspertia City which is the largest hometown to date in Pokemon games. The city is in the southwest of the Unova region, separated from the rest of Unova that was in Pokemon Black 1. A large amount of the region has been updated in the 2 years since the previous game.

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More Game details :

Pokémon Black 2 introduces a couple of new features than its predecessor black 1. There is a medals system, which is essentially the same as the achievements feature in many other games nowadays. You receive medals for completing various tasks such as capturing 20 or 50 Pokémon.

In your journey in many routes you will  Hidden Hollow in certain trees between which there is a small gap you can enter. Inside there is a small clearing  where Pokémon with their hidden abilities can be found! Items may also be found here.

Legendary pokemon which is available in this included Kyurem and Zekrom .Also they both can fuse their forms at players will.


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