Hey fellas .So another awesome guide for Hylos by Floof

Lets begin with our primary build.

Build elegant gem first ( Tier 2 item of :Clock_of_Destiny: ) and complete Warrior boots :Warrior_Boots:.

After this get Silent robes Tier 2 item of :Oracle:  and then Black ice shield ( Tier 2 item of :Dominance_Ice: Dominance Ice ) After this complete Clock of destiny :Clock_of_Destiny: .

Then depending upon who you lane against either complete Dominance Ice :Dominance_Ice: or Oracle :Oracle: .
After this complete any uncompleted items and proceed to Wings of apocalyptic Queen :Wings_of_the_Apocalypse_Queen: .

Cursed Helmet :Cursed_Helm: is a situational item here. Its damage is nice but main priority here is to tank. So use it if enemy has  heroes with extremely high magical damage or multiple magical damage heroes. Not worth it if only 1 guy with magical damage.

Second type build is more damage focused.


For build step follow as same as mentioned above and build in same order. Get Molten essence instead of t1 magical resistance.