The King of Calamari’s (Floof )guide to Squidward and Krab’s lovechild.

Guide Contents :

  1. General information
  2. Marksman Bane
  3. Assassin Bane
  4. Fighter Bane
  5. Tank Bane
  6. Mage Bane
  7. Support Bane
  8. Conclusion

1.General information

Bane is currently ML’s most versatile hero. Rather than ranking him solely as a fighter, he is better ranked in each individual category. Marksman, Assassin, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Support. Yes, including mage and support. Bane can play any role at all, making him highly recommended for Solo Q. Especially Solo Q in low elo. No tank?  Bane. No support? bane. No mage? Bane. No MM? bane. No assassin? Bane. No fighter? Bane. The best part about his versatility, is that the roles he plays overlaps. For example, if you build him mage, he could also be considered an Assassin. That said, let’s go a bit more in-depth now. Note: regardless of build, go on trilane.


2.Marksman Bane

Build : 

Use either support emblem for better survivability, or MM emblem for more damage.

As an MM, Bane is similar to clint and lesley. His damage is all in 1 shot, as opposed to a high fire rate and DPS like conventional marksmen. Now, before I touch on that, I’m sure you’re wondering how Bane can even be considered a marksman. His passive has crazy ass range. It’s just that. And, the 1.9 multiplier compounds with crit damage. This means, that when his passive crits, the damage he does is 1.9×2.4=4.56 times his AD, and 1.9×2.535= 4.8165 if you use MM emblem. The problem is, there’s a 6 second CD on his passive, unless you hit inked targets. But, in order to hit inked targets, you’d have to go to the frontlines, which is very dangerous for MM bane. So, to circumvent this, rely on jungle monsters to hasten your passive proc rate. The best would be the blue buff, since that one has 2 monsters next to each other.

Because of his low fire rate, having a very high crit chance is necessary. Otherwise, you’ll have plenty of wasted shots. Hence, the clint standard of 1 windtalker and 2 berserker’s furies. His splash damage is counted as skill damage, so blade of 7 seas helps get rid of target’s armor.

If it was old bane, your early game would be pathetic, but with current bane, it’s actually pretty strong. You’ll fall off a bit in mid game, but at late game, while you’d be dancing on a knife’s edge, if you play your cards right, you can be extremely powerful. For your first item, you start with the 250 gold boots, then follow the rest of the build. Focus on skill 2(the spit), since that helps a lot with lane clearing and survivability. If you go on top lane, try to invade the enemy’s jungle. The black monster is easy enough to kill off quickly, provided there aren’t any enemies nearby. If you got bot, play safe. Clear out lane, then head to your jungle. Do not play aggressive, always stay with the team. At late game, you’ll want to damage people by hitting minions or jungle creeps. It’s safer that way. That said, you can directly slap them if they come too close. Just, don’t walk up if you can avoid it. The skill 1 and skill 2 give plenty of range as is. Lower damage sure, but as an MM your number 1 job is to not die. Dead people don’t do damage. As you can see, there’s no lifesteal. The playstyle will be similar to that MS Layla wo. nai made a guide for. You kite around enemies, with skill 1 and passive to slow them, while skill 2 makes you move faster, and keeps your HP up.

The overall rating I’d give for MM bane, is mid to high tier. He’s difficult to play as an MM. You need better positioning than other MMs, and his damage is quite reliant on luck. That said, if you can play him well, he is definitely deadly.


3.Assassin Bane


Using either support to gank more or jungle emblem to push more.

All about splitpushing and roaming. If you treat him like lance or haya or any assassin other than helcurt and maybe Zilong, really, you’re gonna be screwed. Horribly. Assassin Bane has an emphasis on his old role. Pushing, pushing very hard. And, with the changes to his skills giving him much better scaling, you’ll be doing a fair bit of ganking. That said, your survivability and sustain is rock bottom. I.e., if you get ganked, you die. And burst is arguably lower than MM build.

You don’t join teamfights(that’s certain death), you splitpush while they teamfight. The only time you’ll be able to teamfight is early game. At mid and late, if you close in, you will die. There is frankly no way for you to survive. At most you can spit on them or use your skill 1 and ult to harass. Still better than haya, and arguably better than lance in terms of damage, but not enough to make a really big difference unless you get the drop on the backline and get off all 3 skills before you die. Since that’s the case, take advantage of the high movespeed offered, and roam around. If they bunch up, place pressure on a lane and try to get the enemy to split up. Even without minions, you can deal a fair bit of damage to the towers. Early game, is pretty much the same as with MM build. Except this time, you roam. After getting ancient ghost statue, start moving around and ganking or pushing undefended lanes. By getting a blade of despair early, your skill 2 can deal insane amounts of damage. Use that to your advantage and ramp up the pressure on squshies. After a few spits that put them at half HP, they’ll be cautious of that rum icon above your head. So, take advantage of it to pressure them. Force them away from the towers while you use your ult to clear it. There’s no way you’ll be able to avoid combat entirely, so for fighting, you just rely on your skills. It’s really similar to what MM bane does, except this time, instead of emphasis on a crit, it’s emphasis on the skills. The passive is there to stop people from running or people from catching up.


Overall assassin rating: mid. You CAN use him as an assassin, but don’t expect him to be like lance or fanny. His playstyle is very similar to helcurt.


4.Fighter Bane


Support emblem. There’s no contest. Support emblem is the best for this kit. And it’ll get even better if they ever fix the hybrid pen.

This one offers a very well rounded and balanced loadout. You have decent physical damage, decent magic damage, decent durability, and decent sustain. It’s a jack of all trades bane. And a very stable kit too. There’s no specific point in the match you shine or fall off. It’s great for hunting down squishies and stopping assassins, but it’s not overpowered. There’s literally no strong point or weak point. You can gank, but not as well as heroes like lance or lapu or alu or karina or…. The list goes on. You can tank, but not as well as tig or ruby or chou or akai or… Again, the list goes on. That said, just because you’re not exceptionally strong in comparison to those guys, doesn’t mean you’re weak. In fact, Bane is pretty decent in those areas. He’s good at everything, just not great.

Warrior boots is for when enemy damage is phys focused, boots of tranquility is when they’re magic focused. Don’t get tough boots. Never get tough boots. They are literally useless. I can’t be bothered going into the specifics since this a guide on bane, but just know that the CC time reduced by tough boots, gets undone by moonton’s CC mechanics. You literally don’t get anything out of the passive. Even if you get 90% resilience, a 1s stun will still last for 1s. Moving on, as I said  before, this build is an all rounder. So, what’s the best way to play someone with no specialisation? Squishy guard. In a teamfight, your biggest role is staying near squishies and protecting them. This doesn’t mean you just stand around. With this kit, most of your damage lies in skills. And currently, Bane’s skills have very good range. Your position should be behind the tank, but in front of the squishies. This way, if someone gets to your backline, you’ll be able to engage the person immediately. You have no initiation skills, SO DO NOT INITIATE. Leave that to the tank otherwise you will feed. Rather than splitpush like assassin, you should actively seek out teamfights. You’re tanky enough to survive, and hurt enough to punish people for getting in range of you. So, bully them. Show them why being a jack of all trades makes you strong.


Overall rating: High to top. This is by far the easiest version of bane to play. He isn’t great at anything, but he can do everything. Tanky enough to not be worried about assassins, painful enough to kill squishies. He excels in 1v1, and can even pull off 1v2s depending on the enemies. Unfortunately, because he doesn’t specialise in anything, he falls short of top tier. He doesn’t do something so well it’s game changing or extremely cancerous. He just does everything well enough to be a massive pain in the ass.


5.Tank Bane

Build: Core Items   For remaining 3 items read guide fully and use as per requirment.

Emblems: tank or support.

The playstyle is similar to Hylos. You stand there and get hit. That’s it. That being said, the emphasis will be on how you build rather than how you play. So, instead of a single build, I’ll list the core tank items and elaborate on when and why to get the other items.

Wings of the apocalypse queen is a must have on all tanks. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing tigreal or akai or grock or hylos or whatever. You absolutely MUST have wings of the apocalypse queen. 40% damage reduction when below 40% HP is something VERY VERY BIG. Yes, damage reduction. Moonton fucked up the translation. I know, really big surprise. Wings of the apocalypse queen do not increase armor or magic resistance whatsoever. Instead, they reduce physical and magical damage taken by 40%.Dominance ice, gives mana sustain, a nice amount of armor, and CDR. All 3 of which are a must have when playing tank bane. Also, the passive helps when dealing with AA fighters/assassins like natalia, argus and roger.

Oracle, synergises very well with wings of the apocalypse queen. Need I say more? Also, it gives CDR, which is very nice for spamming that heal. The magres is on the low side though, unless you put all your talent points on tank emblem into magres, you’ll want a second magres item.

Now, for the situational items.


Thunderbelt gives mana, armor, hp, magic power and so on. The +25 AP actually isn’t that much, since it only gives 50 heal more. But, its mana helps you stay in the fight for longer, and the 0.4 of AD as true damage and slow, can be very useful. Only get when your team has the advantage. It helps when you snowball, but is otherwise bad. Not enough armor, not enough HP, passive does not help with tanking.

Heart of steel.:Heart_Of_Steel:

Very, very useful against ADCs. Only ADCs tho. The 20% crit rate reduction is seriously crippling to them. Especially since nowadays, most MMs only get berserker’s fury and scarlet phantom. That’s 35% crit. With heart of steel, it drops to 15%. If they’re still critting often, go call them out for hacking. Great when dealing with crit reliant enemies. Don’t count on it helping against guys with crazy high crit chance like Lesley tho. That said, if there’s only 1 crit reliant enemy, it’s not really worth it.

Demon’s advent.:Demons_Advent:

Very good against all AD enemies. 18% reduction in AD, is an 18% reduction in damage you take, which counts for a lot when your armor is above 100.

Blade armor.:Blade_Armor:

Great early game item. Very cheap, a lot of armor and can actually hurt a fair bit. But, it’s only useful if enemies are AA reliant. Otherwise, demon’s advent makes you tankier.

Courage bulwark.:Courage_Bulwark:

Okay, this is actually the single most overpowered item in ML, after thunderbelt got ninja nerfed. BUT, and this is a very very big BUT, it needs your team. You can’t be the only one getting it, otherwise the buff can not be there, and it wouldn’t matter. So, don’t get it unless you’re 5 manning and every gets it.

Immortality :Immortality:

I personally don’t like it or for that matter find it necessary. But, could be good if you’re the main tank or enemy burst is really high.  Keyword burst. If it’s DPS high, you’re gonna die as soon as you revive. And I guess there’s some synergy with WOAQ. Still find athena’s shield better tho.

Cursed helmet:Cursed_Helm:

If the enemy has a bunch of melee guys that’ll close in on you, it’s good. If not, it’s not going to help much. most of the time, you’ll be fighting and kiting at mid range, or getting shot at from long range. Could help with wave clearing I guess, but even as a tank, Bane’s wave clear is quite good.

Athena’s shield :Athenas_shield:

very good mag res item. Most mag res in the game, and comes with a good shield every 30s. Makes you really durable.


Rating: mid tier. His heal helps him tank quite a lot, but he’s still not as tanky as hylos, grock, tig, johnson and gatot. Also, his utility is lower than akai, franco, johnson, grock. Makes a decent meatshield, but there are better meatshields out there.


6.Mage Bane

Emblem:MM or support emblem.

There are 2 ways you can go about mage baning, high burst, or semi decent damage with a focus on surviving. I.e. half tank mage, like Alice.

For pure burst, you actually can sort of count as an assassin. Bane’s magic damage scales along with his AD. 270% of total AD to be exact. That scaling, is arguably better than Eudora’s ult. I.e. bullshit high.

BUILD for Pure Burst : 

Don’t pick a straight fight and you’ll be fine. Ambush, kite, flank. And if you can spit on a squishy, do it. Skill 2, skill 1, passive, kills just about any squishy

As for sustain, you’re much harder to kill than burst, but don’t mistake that for being as tough as fighter or tank. You’re not .Stay near your squishies, the damage is decent, and so is your durability. Your job is to protect from tanks, and step up to hurt enemy tank occasionally.

Build for Sustain : 

Rating for burst: High to top. Squishy, but what mages aren’t squishy? In exchange for dying easily, there’s a extremely high magic damage on a low cooldown, healing to help keep you alive, much better movement speed than most mages, and very very high physical damage. No other Mage offers this much. While Bane lacks CC, his damage and movement speed, by far make up for it.

Rating for sustain: mid to high. Harder to die, but harder to kill. The effects it brings aren’t as extreme, but they’re noticeable.


7.Support Bane

Build : 

Remember support saber? Well support bane is an improved version of that. Less CC, but in exchange, you get more damage, more survivability and better pushing. You’re still mildly squishy though, so don’t forget that.

You’re a debuff support. The playstyle is similar to mage actually, but this time, you won’t be doing much by yourself. Instead, you’ll take advantage of higher movement speed to harass the enemy, and the defence debuffs to help your team kill them faster. There’s really nothing to go in-depth on for this. Just don’t stand up front and be a tank, and you’ll be fine.

Rating: low to mid. Nice AoE for debuffing, half decent damage, half decent durability. No CC though. But, he can be strong as a support if done right.



Bane is the single most versatile hero in ML. Enough said. He plays each role acceptably well, making him an ideal main for a solo Q filler. That said, there are certain roles he excels in more than others. But don’t let that stop you from using the others. Sometimes, filling up a gap is more important than going the optimal route.

9.The forbidden build. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE OF SMURFING.

This is completely not viable unless your opponents are absolutely hopeless and then some.

Build: Rapid Boots, Blade of Despair, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, Enchanted Talisman, Ancient Ghost Statue, Bloodlust Axe. Support Emblem.

Spit on them, shoot them, slap them, slash them, sic sharks on them. Leave no survivors.

Rating: Nil.


Remember when Clint with Thunderbelt and Endless battle 1 shotted everything? GG , Bane can do the same now. Yeah. Not even fucking kidding. Bane can  get a pentakill with a single slap now. 1.9 multiplier is just 0.1 shy of Chou’s 2. And we all know that Chou can 1 shot. Hahaha, who  needs a Lesley with a mere 1.3?  BANE HAS 1.9. So yeap….

Grab MM emblem, all points in Crit damage, AD, and final point in extra damage. Build Blade of Seven Seas, 4 Blades of Despair, 1 Berserker’s Fury.

Slap a minion and watch everything die.

Note: This is an extremely late game build.


Rating: Overpowered. It’s not old clint OP, but it’s still fucking OP considering how it’s an AoE attack that can 1 shot squishies. And violate everything else. Oh and to screw people even harder, make sure your team grabs Courage Bulwark. Your whole team except you. It stacks.

P.s. I suggest starting out with the burst mage build and then heading into this as opposed to starting with MM set. Also,  you can probably get 2 or 3 berserker’s furies for that higher crit chance if your teammates grab courage bulwark.