This section provides various download link to games that can be played in an android device.

Android Apk : This section will provide you with links to download BETA and unreleased version of APK to install and play. CLICK HERE

Note: Remember to always download apps from trusted sources like Google play store as Apk files can be infected with malware.We provide only verified and safe BETA version of apps.


Below section contains console games that needs and emulator to play.Usually they are played using handheld devices but with the help of an emulator you can play them in your android device itself at your own comfort.

GBA Games : GBA is basic handheld console game which was predecessor to NDS and 3DS games. It has basic graphics but its games give excellent mechanics and hours of gameplay.

 Android Emulator Download       ROM Download


DS Games : DS is an improved graphic version of GBA games and its emulator is available on both android and PC platform.ROM file is same for both PC and android emulator.

Android Emulator Download       ROM Download


Video Guide on how to play DS Rom using this emulator : CLICK HERE

3DS Games : Nintendo produced this 3DS console as an improved version of DS gaming console. Right now the only emulator available is playable on PC alone .Others claiming android 3DS emulators are fake or virus and don’t fall for that.

   PC Emulator Download     ROM Download