Back again with another guide by FLOOF

There are 2 types of build to Akai :


SPELL : Inspire offers a ton of damage even as full tank, simply because of how his 2nd skill works.

EMBLEM : Support.Tank could work, but support is better for him. It offers move speed, which is vital to stun lock, hybrid regeneration , useful as he’s mana hungry, and hybrid pen, which helps a ton with his damage.

GAMEPLAY :¬†Akai has a strong early game, so take advantage of that to invade jungle, apply pressure and if possible, kill. As a tank, head to trilane. As fighter, tell either your MM or assassin to go to trilane and take the solo lane. If it’s 212, either is fine duo.

Random advice: Use skill 1 before skill 2 has even hit. You’ll maximize skill 2 duration that way, and are more certain land a hit. Don’t only use ult to stun lock.It can be used to escape and save teammates as well.

If you’re going to ult, don’t even bother stunning. Bruteforce breastplate, dominance ice and support emblem
mean you have a massive MS edge over your opponent. Just jump then ult, save the skill 2 for killing them after ult.